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Web Site Creation: Imagescope.org services

Imagescope.org Introduction

Montreal, QuebecImagescope.org, located in Montreal, Quebec, specializes in personalized web site creation for individuals (artists, professionals, etc.) and small enterprises. Creating web sites is a borderless activity and is therefore not limited to the Montreal area. So wherever you are located, keep reading!

I create web sites that are visually appealing, fast, affordable, highly usable and validated with the recent HTML standard, which insures compatibility with different present and future browsers. I can also create web applications for specific needs, logos, illustrations, graphical interfaces or optimize your existing web site for search angines.

On this page you can read in further detail about the services provided by Imagescope.org. You can also peruse my portfolio and have commonly asked questions answered in my frequently asked questions section. Please feel free to leave me a message! Thank you.

Affordable, Intuitive, Appealing and Fast.

Web Site Creation

Web Site Creation

My range of services includes:

  1. Logo Creation
    • In vectorial format (EPS/Illustrator) for printing on various mediums with scalable quality on all sizes
    • Choice of the number of colors to balance the printing cost
  2. Web Design
    • Visually rich and appealing pages including graphical interfaces, illustrations and photographs
    • Graphical optimization so that a page doesn't go over 100kb, the maximum, usable size for dialup modem users. The average size of your page also has a tangible effect on your own bandwidth costs, especially if your traffic is high
    • Navigation is studied for maximum accessibility among the visually impaired (which could be a legal requirement in the future), and a natural usability and "look and feel" for your users. Every page should be accessible within 3-4 mouse clicks or it could end up not being visited at all
  3. Manual HTML programming
    • Web pages are 100% compliant with the latest HTML 4.01 and the CSS 2.0 standards
    • Web pages are tested on various browsers such as Netscape 6.0+, Internet Explorer 5.0+, Mozilla 1.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Opera 7.0+, which makes up about 98% of the browser market
    • The HTML code is clear and simple, using Cascading Style Sheets extensively for an easy, centralized update of the appearance, optimized for a minimum of code repetition that would complicate a web page like popular editors, such as Frontpage, tend to do
    • The HTML code simplicity and standard compliance allow for the best indexing of your content by search engines
  4. Advanced programming such as Javascript, PHP and MySQL
    • If you need features and functions that require a database
    • If you need an online application for your enterprise
    • If you require complex forms that validate data and inputs, such as polling, a contact form, etc
  5. Installation, configuration and personalization of free open source softwares based on PHP and MySQL
    • Open source softwares are free, numerous, and are supported by a large creative community. The site HotScript provides a good example of the multitude of web related softwares that can be found
    • Installation of BBclone to view and analyze real-time traffic statistics of your site
    • Installation and personalization of phpBB to set up a discussion board for your users
    • Installation and personalization of Mambo to set up a content management system (CMS) that will simplify articles and news publishing with a user-friendly tool
    • Select advanced features with DHTML to add highly interactive presentations

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines

I also offer a complimentary search engine optimization service. Your site needs to be easily accessed from search engine results, therefore visible and well ranked with Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines. If the very nature of your business depends on the traffic towards your web site, ranking well on your specific and descriptive keywords is truly crucial, and could make the difference between success or failure.

I can build your web site with these important keywords in mind, from the start, to maximise your chances of appearing on search results. The very secretive nature of search engine algorithms, and their always changing methods, along with the level of competition in your field, do not make it possible to offer guaranties. I can, however, create a study profile that would analyze the degree of competitiveness and difficulty of your desired keywords, along with their possible popularity, and suggest the best possible ratio of gain/difficulty. I also know the optimal techniques to give those keywords a maximum of importance in the eyes of search engines and provide the best chances for your site to rank well on these.

steps in web site creation

All the steps in web site creation are covered

I will also help you choose the server that will host your web site and the registrar for your domain name (ex. www.imagescope.org). I am used to working with servers running Linux/Unix with the Apache web software, the ideal combination in terms of security, price, features and popularity. This selection also has the benefit of being imperveous to virus and hacking attacks designed against Windows, their favorite target.

All the necessary steps to have a productive and lucrative presence on the web are realised!

Affordable Cost
  • To access my portfolio and browse my prior works, please check my Portfolio section.

  • If you have any general questions about web site creation, you can consult my Questions section.

  • To contact me and request an evaluation of your project, please use the form in my Contact page.

I wish to sincerely thank you for choosing Imagescope.org for your web site creation needs!

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